November 20th is a noon Saints' Home game. To accommodate fan parking, our Morning Mass this Sunday will begin at 9:30AM, instead of 10:00AM.

Remember, if you can't join us at Church, remember we stream our Sunday Morning Mass each week on our Facebook page.

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Welcome to St. Joseph Church

Catholic Church in New Orleans

Mass in Church Monday-Friday / 12:15PM

Sunday / 10:00AM / 8:30PM

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St. Joseph Church, rich in heritage, diverse in culture, guided by the spirit and embracing all, commits itself to nourishing, supporting and strengthening its parish family spiritually and physically through sacraments, worship, education and opportunity for ministry – all so that through witness we may together bring the gospel to life.


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So many people give so generously to St. Joseph, which has made it one of the most vibrant parishes in the New Orleans area. Your offerings at Church, online through Paypal, or by mail allow St. Joseph to persevere in the Gospel mission of reaching out to others, as well as to preserve this venerable and historic structure. Of course, please know that all your donations are completely tax-deductible.

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